Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thierry Henry

No, I won't bother to pass judgement on the theatrical face-clutching (also referred to as cheating) that earned France a free-kick and knocked Spain out of the World Cup. After all, as much as I will be pilloried for suggesting it, the man's arrogance knows no bounds, as he displayed after the Champions League Final. He's a great footballer, sure, but he's an even greater dramatist, and his strongest skill is his ability to manipulate the media.

However, you can't fool those commentators at ESPN and ABC. No sirree. They've seen through it all, and have figured out that Henry is in fact not a defensive midfielder.

  • "That's Henry's 13th offside of the tournament. That statistic shows us that he is really more of an attacking minded player, like a striker"
There were of course, a couple of other choice quotes yesterday, as well as the continued repetition of all the old goodies:

  • "A great bicycle kick effort on that play"
  • "That's sent long by Kingston" - a reference to a great Hail Mary pass by the Ghana quarterback, Richard Kingston
  • "The best players read the game well... on the breakaways"
There were a few more, but I stopped taking notes at some point!

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