Monday, June 26, 2006

Laxman strikes back

It's as if he read my post wondering whether his career was about to end. I mentioned in that post that it was just 6 months ago that he won India a Test match against Sri Lanka with a century. Yesterday he saved India from ignominous defeat with a remarkably atypical effort. 100 of the most valuable runs he has scored - after all, to spare your team from going down at the hands of "a better playing team" (Brian Lara's words, not mine) is quite an achievement.

So now who makes way for Tendulkar?

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worma said...

Once again, I repeat ;-) What's the rush...lets wait and watch the last game. Maybe this time Yuvraj would score a century, just to add to your dilemma ;-)

But seriously, currently Yuvraj is the one sitting out...although I still feel they would sit out Kaif rather, and give Yuvraj more chances (Laxman, ofcourse, is there, and above both, IMO).

Anyway, its a good dilemma to have...having in-form bench.

Btw, Prem now writes at if you didn't know already.