Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pietersen drops himself?

More sensationalism from CricInfo this morning - I woke up to read the headline "Pietersen drops himself by Twitter." Now we can leave aside debate as to whether or not that actually constitutes a sentence, and focus on the implied meaning.

The clear and no doubt intended suggestion is that Kevin Pietersen, of all people, was able to subjugate his own ego, and announce that he was in terrible nick and would consequently be making himself unavailable for England for the remainder of the summer as he felt that he was not worthy of a place in the squad.

It transpires that this is, perhaps not surprisingly, a long way from the truth. What Pietersen actually did was reveal that he had been dropped by the selectors. You know, the way it usually happens, especially with superstars.

Shame on you, CricInfo. Seems like these sensationalist headline shenanigans are never going to end and it's a real disappointment.