Friday, June 23, 2006

The hits keep on coming!

A few more specials from our buddies at ESPN
  • "They're not as good on D-fence"
  • "Kaka will get it at the end line"
  • "Nice combination play" - it's called a one-two!!
  • "Lampard is going to be wide with the head-flick"
  • "... the big forward in the key" - erm, wrong sport!!
  • "and the save on Boronin (sic)!! That's the best play of the game there"
  • "it felt like a spring training split squad game" - err, what?
I have to confess, my old mates at Yahoo! are not doing much better either with their official FIFA site for the world cup. They continue to persist with the misguided American desire to produce baseball style boxscores for every sport in the world, hence the analysis of GGAs and GAAs and so on. Their fantasy game is a bit of a joke as well - the leading squads are run by those who cottoned on to the fact that Yahoo! believes that keepers, defenders and defensive or holding midfielders are worthless, and that SOGs, Gs and PKGs are the only things that count.

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