Monday, August 14, 2006

Ramps goes marching on

I was a little disappointed when he was dismissed for a paltry 196 the other day, but I suspect that his achievement of scoring in excess of 150 in five successive matches will be hard to beat, so there is some consolation.

David Green of the Telegraph has written a nice little article celebrating his current run of form, and of course, bemoaning the fact that it never quite translated onto the highest stage.


Salil said...

Retitling suggestion for the blog: Life, cricket and Mark Ramprakash :-)

Very impressive though, to say the least. How many though are there like him in the list of Pommy cricketers from the last decade who did brilliantly in the county championship, yet couldn't make a mark in tests (or heck, there's an idea for a blog post)?

Sportingo said...

Will you be posting anywhere for the Ashes?