Sunday, August 06, 2006

Inzamam the Wookie

That's not my headline, it's stolen from the Daily Telegraph, in which Simon Briggs has penned what is ostensibly a mildly amusing article about Inzamam's comic dismissal yesterday.

The dismissal itself was quite something to behold. I've just watched it again frame by frame, and it only gets funnier. Only Inzi could possibly have got himself out in such a farcical manner.

But here's the thing. At what point does there cease to be any value in extracting humour, juvenile or otherwise, from Inzi's largesse. See - I've just done it again with a particularly bad pun. Yet when something gets this predictable, the joy is really taken out of it. I'm starting to think that, just as Sidhu-isms are now recognized as inanities, comments like
"Never has a Test batsman more resembled an elephant climbing over a garden fence."
are really getting old, even if the Inzamam-Chewbacca analogy was at least a new spin on the man's girth.

My point is simply that Inzamam has proven himself over the years to be the eternal fount of entertainment. Let his acts speak for themselves - we don't need every journalist working overtime to come up with half a dozen new euphemisms for "fat man"

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