Sunday, August 27, 2006

353 not out - a new world record

At least, I think it's a new world record. And my blog is going to be the first place that broke the news :-)

In a league game in Northern California today, a batsman by the name of Shabbir Mohammad plundered 353 not out in a team scored of 630. Oh, and it was a 45 over game. He hit 25 sixes and 40 fours - that's 310 runs in boundaries.

As far as I can possibly tell, this is the highest ever score in any limited overs game of cricket, anywhere in the world, ever. It is also apparently either the fourth or fifth triple century on record. Unbelievably, 7 years ago, a triple century was also recorded - this one was 304* - in Northern California. What's more, it was on the very same ground (pictured above).

Some highlights/details:

  • Batsman: Shabbir Mohammad of United Cricket Club
  • 353 runs scored in 156 deliveries
  • 100 reached in 46 deliveries
  • 200 reached in 94 deliveries
  • At 10 overs, scoreboard read 130-0
  • At 20 overs, 259-1
  • At 30 overs, 378-3
  • At 40 overs, 529-5
  • At 45 overs, 630-5
  • The opposition, Bay Area Cricket Club, mustered 181 all out in reply
  • United's opening bowler, Ashok Kumar, took a hat-trick


Anonymous said...

And he still didn't manage to touch the Afridi mark of century! Everytime I see such feats, and that too in much lower levels of the game, and still find Afridi's record sitting higher, I wonder what mayhem he would have caused that day.

And btw, did Shabbir also go on to snatch lunch money from the kids in the opposition team? ;-)

Andrew said...

In round two of the Bertie Joel Cup in 2005, Langleybury played Middlesex
Tamils at Hunton Bridge. Langleybury scored 563/2 in its 45 overs batting
first, Shahzad (or Shehzad) Malik hitting 403* off 137 balls.

Here is a link to a photo of the scorecard:

SimonB said...

Jealousy is ugly in all forms...

Congratulations on an outrageous knock would seem to be more the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

if the game was played on the ground above and he beat up on kids...i dont no wht to say...that ground is as big as my back yard on one side!

Fourth Umpire said...

It's not a big ground, but what you see is the shadows of massive trees around the ground. It's actually a whopping 50 yards on both sides square of the wicket, so the picture is a little deceptive.

Anonymous said...

that is some serious bad bowling and some amazing hitting...but all credit to the batsman for makign the most of it