Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pakistan vs. India: T1D5 (Serves them right)

Fancy coming out to bat just so that you can chase a world record! Of course, I would do the same, but that doesn't detract from the irony of it all. Honours are even, some would say - but there really weren't a lot of honours to be distributed, despite the farcical fielding award presented to Saurav Ganguly in the post-match presentation.

It's on to Faisalabad, where similar weather is in store. Of course, all attention will be on the pitch - which I'd almost dare to wager will be singularly underprepared, as if to compensate for the belter at Lahore.

Pakistan will likely go in with an unchanged side, and unfortunately, so will India. The pitch will be the scapegoat for Agarkar's performance, and after taking the 'catch of the match' and not batting, there's no way that Ganguly will be dropped.

My prediction - if the pitch has something in it for the bowlers, India will realise, somewhere around day 4, that they should pick their opening batsmen to open the innings, and leave the world's best #3 right where he belongs.

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