Friday, January 06, 2006

Dungarpur vs. Ganguly

You just have to laugh. My hat is doffed to the to the genius at the BCCI who decided to appoint Raj Singh Dungarpur as Manager of the Indian team in Pakistan. I couldn't have scripted it better myself.

The team has just landed across the border, and our man wasted no time in gleefully proclaiming to Aaj Tak, the India Today news channel, that Saurav Ganguly is lazy, "the worst fielder in the side," and that even John Wright had "a huge problem" with the former captain.

Not much one can say in the way of passing comment on this little outburst. To his eternal credit, he does not appear to have uttered a single untruth. To his eternal discredit, his actions are beyond unbelievable. You simply can't do that, and much as I believe that Ganguly should not be flying off to Lahore tomorrow, it would be appropriate for that same aircraft to take Mr Dungarpur back home on it's return journey.

That said, I must thank him for getting me to laugh out loud.

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