Monday, January 23, 2006

Gary Neville is a Red... he hates scousers!

Sheer jubilation. A performance verging on the mediocre, transformed into a victory that I will savour for years to come - with a 90th minute goal from Rio, no less. Unbelievable stuff.

I have to say, I thought we were poor, by and large. The three exceptions to that were Rio, Wes and Giggsy, who turned the clock back many years with a handful of mazy runs. Patrice Evra also looked a lot better on his second outing - and it was his bold run that drew the foul, allowing Giggs to plant the ball on Rio's head.

What really moved me though was not even the last-gasp winner to bury the self-proclaimed second-best team in the land. It was the genuine delight I saw on the faces of the players when the goal went in. When I saw just how much it mean to them, it filled me with confidence (misplaced or otherwise) that there is an upswing in our future. Of course, it's no surprise that Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville were the happiest of the lot.

In fact, the only surprise is the nonsense that has been spewed about Neville's celebration. It was amusing to read Jamie "let's toss a coin into the crowd" Carragher criticize his England colleague. I wonder what he made of Robbie Fowler's 5-finger salute last weekend. Which, incidentally, says a lot about Robbie Fowler. Fancy winning a Manchester Derby, and then attempting to goad the United fans with an indication of Liverpool's success in Europe. I'm sure the City fans were thrilled to bits with that.

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