Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sourav Chandidas McGrath?

It really just gets better and better. I nearly choked on my lunch as I just read that the Indian team management and/or selectors may opt to "give the all-rounder's role to Yuvraj and bring in Ganguly as a bowler."

To think that I was stunned when he was picked as India's answer to Flintoff, Kallis and Bravo. Apparently that just didn't wash, so he's now going to be the next Glenn McGrath?


sporty muslimah said...

Cricket, I support Pakistan! This series is brilliant against England, but will be good to se England when they come to India. Kaif played exceptional in the recent series, I thought!

I am a massive united fan to!

worma said...

That statement was a massive goof-up from the rediff columnist(nothing new). Nothing more to be read into that. IMHO, ofcourse

Fourth Umpire said...

worma - for sure. My comment was decidedly tongue-in-cheek. *Even* the Indian selectors couldn't go that far.

Could they?