Tuesday, November 22, 2005

For whom the Bell tolls?

This one's just getting on my nerves. Shahid Afridi is quite deservedly being pilloried for his ridiculous actions in scuffing up the pitch when he believed that nobody was looking. Perhaps the first indication I have seen that he really is only 25 years old.

Yet through all of this, we have great paragons of virtue such as Robert Croft, telling us how Afridi failed to play the game within the Laws or the Spirit, and in the same breath ignoring Ian Bell's blatant bump catch, and the more questionable tactics employed by the current England team, ranging from firing the ball in at the batsman for no reason, to Ricky Ponting's pet peeve - the use of substitute fielders.

I'm thrilled to see an England team doing well, but if the likes of Croft and Nasser Hussain don't get off their high horses soon, they're in for a rather bumpy landing. I hope.

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