Friday, September 26, 2008

How do people get here?

I discovered today that Devendra Prabhudesai is now a BCCI media relations officer. He is of course better known for his biography of Rahul Dravid, which I once scathingly reviewed, amongst other things. Anyway, that reminded me that I had this blog, so I went to check out if anyone else was looking at it. Apparently, one or two people are -- and without further ado, here are some of the search terms you're typing into Google and Yahoo! to get here (the most popular by far is "park park wherever you may be")

  • theirry henry arrogant (he sure is)
  • goooooooooooooooooal (with that many o's precisely)
  • shakespeare cockroach (umm, if you say so)
  • scrotometer (where do I get one of those?)
  • "laura gunderson" and "window shop"" (huh?)
  • how i watch india tour to bangladesh cricket match channel name please (google doesn't like rude queries)
  • shane warne blow up dolls (yeah!)
  • t2d2 (wtf?)
  • (sorry buddy!)
  • don't want to go to south africa (umm, well don't then!)
  • 4fc395a8b00ca00e0d9d4430d8b766d466d53dfd1e6f482a40f65a07c758b205 (if anyone can tell me how the search algo got this person to my blog I'd be much obliged)
  • a profile that tells you what phone cristiano ronaldo has got (stalker alert!)
  • bob woolmer might be related to dawood (hadn't heard that theory before)
  • can india cricket team win world cup of 2011 after disappointment performance of 2007 world cup (in a word, no)
  • did thierry really cheat on his wife? (no idea)
  • tell me everything i ever want to know about the cricketer chris roger in australia (he didn't quite make the cut)
  • how close is the friendship between harbhajan singh and shahid afridi (ooh, that could be a good rumour)
  • if someone gave you a cricket phone can you get turned on (whatever floats your boat!!)
  • manchester united's brilliant counter-attacking game is the best in the world (how can I disagree)
  • out of my comfort john (yes, i think that was the original title for Steve Waugh's autobiography)
  • sofa disposal outlet in manchester (umm, why the heck did you click on my blog?)
  • why the umpire has not given any batsman out yet? (yes, Google really knows everything)
  • why usa suspended the icc (sorry mate, it was the other way around)
  • we all live cricket and some of us play and enjoy cricket and some of us appear for umpire tests (err, okay)
  • are we all from pluto? (you might be)
  • why goalkeepers are called onion bags? (aah, Tommy Smyth, you have a fan!)
All I can say is are these for real?

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