Monday, March 19, 2007


As pointed out by a friend who is still in recovery from Pakistan's humbling at the hands of Ireland on the weekend....

With the West Indies at 162-4 in 40 overs, needing 41 runs in the final ten overs, the headline on CricInfo reads "West Indies lose their way!"

Earlier, when they were 102-2 in 23 overs, it read "West Indies stutter after good start."

No matter that the required rate was actually just 3.76 per over and that the loss of two wickets had actually helped increase the run rate. At least in that case, one could call the loss of wickets a 'stutter.' Funnily enough though, at no point in this game has the headline suggested that the West Indians actually look like possible victors, let alone likely ones.

Six months ago, I commented on CI's tendency to sensationalise in the manner of the best tabloids. Looks like little has changed. I suppose you have to do what you have to do to get people to click through on your links. Advertisers want to see page impressions, after all.

Update: Dwayne Bravo has just brought the ask down to 25 in 42 deliveries. The headline writer's response? "West Indies creak towards victory"

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