Friday, September 08, 2006

Tabloid Journalism

An intriguing headline showed up on CricInfo this morning. "India captain slams 'foul-mouthed' England" it says, with a sub-heading of "Claims England skipper was 'scared'"

I have no doubt that countless readers were stunned to think that Rahul Dravid had spoken out against Andrew Flintoff (or is that Andrew Strauss, or Michael Vaughan, or....).

Imagine their surprise then, when after clicking through with fervent anticipation, adrenaline coarsing through their veins, they discovered that the story in fact was nothing more than a tame claim of sledging made by the Indian Women's Cricket Captain, Mithali Raj.

The Sun, The Daily Mirror, and papers of that ilk would have been proud of such chicanery. I truly wonder how many extra impressions, and therefore advertising dollars, CI was able to rustle up.

Not impressive at all.

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