Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stop the Presses! - Sachin Tendulkar sneezed!

As I write this, the major headline in the cricket section over at Rediff is "Tendulkar undergoes light workout."

Beneath this, in significantly smaller fonts, are headlines about TV coverage of the forthcoming India-West Indies series, the warning issued to Virender Sehwag by the BCCI, an interview with Farokh Engineer, one with Wasim Jaffer, and several other articles of cricketing interest.

All of that news, and yet the most important thing going on in the cricket world is apparently the fact that Sachin Tendulkar had a few throw downs with a tennis ball this morning.

I'm not surprised, and yet I am appalled. Little wonder that the vicious cycle of demand and expectation never lets up. How much is the media responsible for fuelling the demi-god worship that I wrote about a few weeks ago?

Headlines like this are probably worse than those that the "best" British tabloid can throw up. Even the News of the World's expose of Shane Warne's romp with two models and a blow up doll was of more importance to the cricketing world.

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