Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Contest: Fill out the sequence

So we were hanging out at work trying to figure out how to name our servers. Eventually, we settled upon a sequence that was both apposite and sufficiently geeky.

Server #1 has been named Ulyett

Our Interns are now hard at work trying to figure out what #2 through #10 should be named, and explain the sequence. There are only 10 entities in this set, and they do have a specific sequence. There may be an 11th entity sometime in the future, but the chances are we'll reach 11 servers before that, unfortunately. Still, this is fun for the first ten.

This is your chance at fame, albeit with no associated fortune. Post your thoughts in the comments section.


The Livermans of St. John's said...

I'm guessing the sequence will be
Ulyett, Jupp, Selby, Charlwood, Greenwood, Armitage, Shaw, Emmett, Hill, Lillywhite, Southerton

or something similar- England's team inn the first ever test match, Not sure what the order would be though or the logic behind Ulyett first..

Fourth Umpire said...

Sorry. Try again :-)

Toby Young said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm assuming the 10 is referring to the 10 test playing nations. What was special about Ulyett? Played in the first test. Was the last player in alphabetic order in his team. If that is the case, the list may be:

Ulyett - England
Thompson - Australia
Vintcent - South Africa
Small - West Indies
Roberts - New Zealand
Wazir Ali - India
Waqar - Pakistan
Wettimuny - Sri Lanka
Traicos - Zimbabwe
Ranjan - Bangladesh

Anonymous said...

Now that the US T20 team has been excused from the Dubai competition, questions have to be asked as to why someone like Aditya T who clearly has ability is not played in the first match and sent low down the order in the other two only to score 72 out of 120 odd in one match. I cant help but think that "who plays" and "when they play" decisions are dictated by "outside forces" and not by team management as incompetent as they often are. Until and unless people born and brought up in this country run cricket like other sports are run, I don't see any hope for the ones who somehow seem to run US cricket now are hopelessly corrupt expats.

Fourth Umpire said...

Updated hint: Ulyett is followed by Blackham, and #8 is Mendis.

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