Saturday, April 14, 2007

CricInfo fixing the tournament?

So I haven't posted in a while both because I've been travelling a lot for work, and because I really haven't had much to say about the World Cup.

I must therefore thank CricInfo for changing that with yet another great headline. Today they are claiming that the Bangladesh-Ireland match tomorrow is a play-off for last place in the Super Eights.

Let's just consider the facts here for a minute.

England have games remaining against South Africa and the West Indies, the latter match being the final game of the Super Eights, and Brian Lara's retirement match.

Bangladesh have to take on the Irish tomorrow, and the West Indians on the 18th.

Thus far, England have beaten Canada, Kenya, Ireland and Bangladesh, and lost to New Zealand, and Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh have beaten India, Bermuda, South Africa and lost to New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka and England.

Apparently CricInfo have missed the fact that if England beat South Africa, but lose to the West Indies (a game in which Lara will probably score the first double century in ODIs, knowing him), then Bangladesh will be through to the semi-finals if they win their two games. Some last-place battle. In fact, if Bangladesh win both their games, regardless of what happens elsewhere, they are a real shot for fifth place on NRR.

I suppose the headline writers are hoping against hope. Good luck to them.


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