Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Legends 20/20 - England vs Australia

Just some quick notes/observations:
  • I was stunned to see 18 thousand people crammed into the WACA for this game.
  • Even more amazed to hear a kid over the PA system announce that the only two players he had heard of were Kim Hughes and Rodney Hogg. Not Lillee, Botham, Marsh, Alderman, Merv Hughes, Gatting or any of the others
  • For the most part, the cricket was decidedly mediocre, with a couple of notable exceptions
  • Lillee getting Gatting caught behind for a duck with a little outswinger was brilliant
  • Bruce Reid illustrated just what a great bowler he was - and if he'd had this physique when he played, he'd have got 400 Test wickets and been an all-time great.
  • Dean Jones is still a great fielder - every one of his throws from 70 yards was right over the bails... very few players currently playing could manage that

Some notes for the future:

  • The pitch being prepared for the Test (which was covered for protection today) looked, from a great distance, to be a good 2005/2006 style WACA batting track.
  • Tomorrow night, I've finagled my way into a dinner with Merv Hughes - what more could someone ask for in life?
  • That late night is going to be followed by a 4:30am start to get near the front of the member's queue and snag a good seat with a view of pitch #4 from behind the right-arm-over bowlers arm.

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