Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More revisionist history

So CricInfo announced, or re-announced, it's new blog section the other day. And in it's announcement, yet another example of the ongoing revisionist history that is being put forth.

Sambit Bal, who wasn't involved with CI back then, states that CricInfo did it's first ball by ball commentary in 1996. Elsewhere, I've seen certain individuals claiming to have been founders of CricInfo, also in 1996. Neither claim is remotely true.

You really would think that CricInfo never existed between 1992/93 and 1996. It's bad enough that many of those who contributed significantly to the creation of the brand have been erased from the history books. But to suggest that CricInfo's history is built on anything less than the phenomenal efforts of a few genuine founders (in early '93) and many diligent volunteers, is disingenuous at best, and ridiculous at worst. For the organization itself to do this is just plain sad. Governments have tried it and failed, so hopefully in the long run, the truth will out.

Perhaps it's time to put together and publish the real history of CI. The story of Frozen Poms, Raggamuffins and others is truly an entertaining one.


Salil said...

Ah, the story from the rsc originals?

Do tell. I've only heard bits and pieces from a couple of rscers. A complete history would be quite interesting.

Fourth Umpire said...

Don't know that I can provide a complete history, but since I was there from before the beginning, I can certainly cover the origins and early growth.

I think I might make this my side project during my Ashes month in Australia.

Salil said...

Hang on... Ashes month?

When, and whereabouts?

[I'll be at the MCG test, btw.]

Dave L (wgg) said...

I've got 35,000 words or so written on a CricInfo histry that's been sitting looking for a collaborator- get in touch!

Stuart said...

It would certainly be an interesting read to see how it developed into the entity it is today.

Good luck with it.