Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ronaldo did no wrong

So Alan Shearer's take on the Rooney sending-off went something like:
"Wayne Rooney should go back to the Manchester United training ground and stick one on Ronaldo."
I suppose I should expect nothing less from one of the dirtiest centre forwards ever to play the game. Sure, Shearer was a goalscorer supreme, but I've never seen anyone use the elbow and the knee so decisively and yet almost never be punished for it. Little wonder then, that he saw nothing wrong in Rooney's stamp on Carvalho, and feels that Ronaldo was the villain for standing up for his teammate.

Obviously as a United fan, I want the best for both Rooney and Ronaldo - the important thing being that they continue to combine effectively next season. I couldn't care less about the World Cup per se, but let's be men and call a spade a spade. Rob Smyth's blog at the Guardian
has it right.

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Nuruddeen710 said...

I cant agree more. Ronaldo and Rooney is the brightest talent at Oldtrafford and other people dont like that. It is the press who is responsible for all this hype. Theres nothing going on with those two lads and they will still play together next season.