Monday, February 06, 2006

Inzamam is very wide

I have to say, it was a classic back-foot off-drive, executed flawlessly and with impeccable timing. Unfortunately for Inzamam, you can't really do that when you find yourself stranded 4 yards out of your crease, and you see a throw from mid-off heading directly for the stumps.

The really sad thing though, was Inzi's subsequent reaction and comments to the media later on. He's still smarting about his Faisalabad run-out against England, and rightly so. He was wrongly given out on that occasion. Yet it seems as if nobody has made him aware of that - his attempt to argue that he shouldn't have been given out today, because he was given out in Faisalabad, was really quite pitiful. Can Test cricketers really be unfamiliar with such fundamental Laws of the game?

Speaking of reactions, Sachin Tendulkar's bat-waving on being given out was inexcusable as well. There's no doubt that it was a lousy decision from Asad Rauf - the ball had clearly gone off the glove and changed trajectory by about 70 degrees as a result. However, only backyard cricketers stand around waving their bat after an lbw appeal (yes, for those who know me, in this context North America is of course a backyard). Not what you'd expect from a man with 14,000 ODI runs.

I'm sure those who were calling for Tendulkar's career to be brought to an end are exercising a hint of self-restraint at this point. A good thing too - as Waqar Younis demonstrates on a regular basis, there's nothing uglier than a champion cricketer going for an early bath and taking up a perch in the commentary box. That said, where would we be without wonderful observations such as "Inzamam is really very wide." Yes - Waqar said that. He intended this as an explanation of why a straight drive had gone past Inzamam on it's way to the boundary, but that's not exactly how it came out.

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