Friday, January 21, 2005

6 losses in an unbeaten season?

It's 9 months after the fact, and I still have to listen to people carping on about Arsenal's "magnificent unbeaten season" in 2003-04. I've finally had enough, so I decided to conduct a quick investigation.

Let's compare a few "magnificent" seasons in recent history, and see which one is really the best. I've ignored the charity shield games, as they're classified as friendlies (yeah, right). PPG stands for Points Per Game, assuming wins are 3, draws 1 and losses 0.

Man Utd 1998-9963401941392.21
Arsenal 2003-0458371561262.17
Man Utd 1999-0058381191252.16

Funny how the raw data tells a different story.

Arsenal's so-called glory season was not a patch on United's treble winning season, and in fact, United followed up the treble with a season that all but matched the single great year that Arsenal had - and that despite having to jet all over the world for the European Super Cup, the World Club Championship and the Intercontinental Cup (or whatever that game in Japan was called).

I don't want to detract from Arsenal's achievement in going unbeaten in the Premiership, but the truth is, their season as a whole wasn't even the best in the last 5 years, leave alone history.

Of course, this entire discussion is likely to be moot by the end of May, given that Chelsea have only lost 2 games so far this season, and look to have a real chance of emulating United's 98-99 performance, statistically at least.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to detract from Arsenal's achievement