Monday, December 20, 2004

Henry loses again

If the FA had an award for sore loser, Arsene Wenger would have that wrapped up roundabout now. It seems that he's a wee bit upset that Thierry Henry failed to win the Player of the Year award. Again. Shocking stuff. First Manchester United have the temerity to play his team off the pitch, and now this. Can it get any worse?

Incredible really that the award went instead to Ronaldinho, who has been a delight to watch over the course of the year, with his magical feet sparkling all over the pitch, scoring and creating the big goals, in the big games, for club and country.

Contrast that with Henry, the quintessential flat-track bully of football. He of the much-vaunted languid elegance, and the occasional discreet elbow or concealed kick. We saw it against Portsmouth just this weekend. Those philistines on the South coast. How dare they not stand back and give him the freedom to express himself.

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